Architectural Visualisation at the AU Germany 2013 (German lecture)

This is a lecture that I have done about a year ago at the Autodesk University 2013 in Germany. My goal was to show straight forward workflow that doesn’t necessarily require any knowledge in 3Ds Max. It was meant to be for people, that doesn’t really know much about the process of creating visuals but would like to create some by themselves. I am showing the whole workflow for such task, from start to finish.

Workflow between :

Autodesk Revit -> Autodesk 3D s  Max -> Autodesk Composite

This lecture is divided into 3 main parts:

1) Explaining the process of importing the scene

2) Creating 3Ds Max scene from start to finish

a) preparing the scene for render

b) setting up the materials

c) setting up the render elements

3) Explaining post production in autodesk composite

End result:


Since I’ve had only about 45 minutes to explain everything, you might find this video a little bit fast paced. I believe that this isn’t much of an issue and that you are still able to come along with the video.


Autodesk University Germany 2013_00000

I really hope that you find this lecture useful and I believe that you will be able to produce some presentable results with it. It was an incredible experience for me, since I’ve done something like that for the first time in my life and the feedback was great so far. Speaking in front of so many people is something you don’t have every day and I would definitely do something like that again!

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