Blog Start + Goals

Hello everybody, I am glad to announce that I finally managed to finish all the tedious preparation work for the blog and that I am ready to start posting some interesting stuff! The main reason why I decided to create this blog is based on the fact, that I do like to teach things that others might be struggling with, and I can not imagine any better way to do it. During all the years I spent in Austria, I have been teaching and helping quite a lot of students, and I would like to expand this and do it for all of you.

What to expect?

–  3Ds Max tutorials

–  After Effects tutorials

–  “Making of” articles

– Posts from other sources that I find interesting

– Comprehensive 3Ds Max commands tutorials collection

– this is something that I want to do in order to build up a library, that contains most  of the commands from 3ds max. This will take quite some time and I am planning on adding these videos continuously to one blog post. After that, you can simply just search for the command in my search box, and you will find it right away!

I do have quite some experience with different software packages and I would like to share my knowledge with you. For the beginning, I am planning on making some tutorials that I think are going to be interesting for you to watch, and some things that I feel comfortable with.

Later on, since I am currently learning some VFX related stuff and a little bit more about animation, I am also planning on doing some WIP and making of articles, so keep the fingers crossed on those, I really hope that there will be something cool to show.

Sneak Peak

There are some of the things that I am planning on releasing pretty soon, I hope that they will be useful.

Making of Intro, Outro and some other short Clips


There are some short videos that I have done and I would like to share my creation process of them with you!

Modelling of Loop


– A Project that I made with one of my colleagues was quite successful and I decided that I will be showing the whole modelling process behind this design. I will be showing some interesting techniques that you might not know, and it will take only about 25 minutes from scratch to finish including everything!

Parametric modelling of a Dormer


In this article I will be showing some techniques for parametric modelling in 3Ds Max, I will be explaining some advantages of it, and also some different uses which will help you to decide whether to use those techniques on your project or not. Basically, you can create new designs only with one spline!

My Goals

I want to keep posting interesting things, and keep you updated on the process that I am going through. Maybe you will learn something useful with me 😉 If I produce something that is worth showing, I am planning on sharing it with you as soon as possible. And if I use some handy techniques, I will probably make a tutorial for it!

Se keep your fingers crossed, and see you!

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