JR’s Scripts

I started to learn MaxScript at the beginning of the year, and I thought that it would be interesting to come up with some useful scripts. In order to excercise a little bit, I decided to make my life easier in building my umbrella rig and made some scripts for it, details are in the post inside!

Umbrella Rig Setup

I was not able to find any reliable and good tutorial to do an umbrella rig, so I came up with my own technique and made a tutorial for it. I hope that it will be useful and you can learn something from it!

Parametric modelling of a dormer

So I wanted to share with you some parametric modeling techniques that I use from time to time. Now, if you are asking yourself why would you need to make a dormer, I would like you to think about the techniques I used and how you could use them to build something that you might need to build one day

Modelling of “Loop”

A project, that I have done in cooperation with Angelika Hinterbrandner at my university. It was quite successful project and if you are interested in all details, feel free to look inside! The video is around 25 minutes long and contains some interesting techniques you might not think of!

Architectural Visualisation at the AU Germany 2013 (German lecture)

This is a lecture that I have done about a year ago at the Autodesk University 2013 in Germany. My goal was to show straight forward workflow that doesn’t necessarily require any knowledge in 3Ds Max.

Blog Start + Goals

Alright guys, it’s finally here! I managed to finish all the tedious preparation work and I’m here sharing content with you. Take a look inside of the post and find out what It’s all about and what am I planning to do later on.