Modelling of “Loop”

Hey guys, this is a project that I have done in cooperation with Angelika Hinterbrandner at my university. It was quite successful project and if you are interested in all details, you can download our documentation to the project right here below.

Loop documentation

Unfortunately, it is in German only, but I hope that it isn’t so much of an issue.

 In this tutorial you will learn :

– Sweep Modifier

– work with Spline Interpolation

– use ProBoolean and Array to create Floors

– “Detaching” + Shell modifier modelling technique

– Push modifier

– Generate Topology

– VoroFrag



I thought that you might be interested in my modeling process of this building, so there will be the whole modelling process shown on the video, and it takes about 25 minutes with explaning, so it’s not that difficult .  If you want to try to model it by yourself, there is a download link of my start and end scene at the end of the post.

VoroFrag Plugin

I mentioned this plugin in the video, unfortunately it didn’t work as expected, but I can definitely recommend it, I guess it was just not happy with the shape of my model. It does work just fine normally.

VoroFrag Plugin

Scene Files

download icon

I do hope that you find this tutorial helpful, and if so, please don’t forget to share! If you have anything to say, feedback is always appreciated.

See you later guys!

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