Parametric modelling of a dormer

So I wanted to share with you some parametric modeling techniques that I use from time to time. Now, I understand that a dormer might not be the “best” item to model, but I would like you to think about possibilities where you could use those techniques. You could easily make custom door or window, save is as an asset to your library, and use it in your projects, you would never need to model any window or door anymore. If you think about it, it saves a lot of time in the end. And it is definitely great tool to experiment with!

In this tutorial you will learn how to:

– create parametric model just from 1 spline

– work with reference objects

– avoid problems with parametric modeling

– use boolean compound object

– use following modifiers

– SplineSelect, DeleteSpline, Shell, FFD, Material, Lattice, Sweep

Scene Files

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