Umbrella Rig Setup

Hey guys, so this is one of the things that I have done, it was used on one of my intros that haven’t been published yet, but I wanted to share how I created that umbrella. I was not able to find any reliable and good tutorial to do something like this, so I came up with my own technique. I hope that it will be useful and you can learn something from it!

In this tutorial you will learn how to:

– model the umbrella canopy

– create working bone structure

– link objects together

– rename objects effectively

– create IK Solvers

– wire parameters

– use some of my scripts

– apply float limit controller

– lock unnecessary  axis

Flexibility of the rig:


As you can see, you can do quite a lot with it. I kind of like that cartoonish style of it, it goes well with one of the characters that I have created.


Scripts used in video

You can download all scripts that I used in this video at feel free to visit that link!


I have been thinking of making a tutorial where I will show you how can you prepare this rig for cloth simulation, to achieve a little bit of a realism to your umbrella as well. I would be grateful for any feedback, and feel free to say what you like, what you dont like and what would you like to see later on! Thanks again for hanging out with me 😉

Scene Files

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  • suztv

    Love the tutorial. Especially like the downloads. That was super awesome of you to provide them. Hope to see more soon!